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What do we do?

We have been intensively involved in creating world class theme parks, water parks,

eco-friendly resorts and visitor attractions. Our leisure destinations have created long lasting emotions & memories to the visiting guests.


From the initial concept to the opening day, we support you at each stage of the process, providing you with the advice and expertise necessary to transform your dreams into destinations. We make it simple, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

We are known for our spirit of collaboration, our attention to detail and our philosophy of always giving priority to the guest.

Our main attention is to trigger imagination, and help you become & to stay front-runners.

We have developed our own style, based on that we want to make people happy, to give them the opportunity to disconnect from their daily life and reconnect with those they’ve chosen to come to our destinations with…

In our projects, nature is part of the recipe,we care for it as she cares for us.


The following services will enable this and can be considered as our toolbox.

Don’t hesitate in selecting which one you need!



We have been on permanent lookout in the leisure and resort field for over 30 years, so we think we understand it quite well… we like to mix trends and cultures so as to create concepts beyond guests (we call them visitors) expectations, so as to make sure they’ll come back and revisit.

That’s why every project starts with intensive benchmark & market research, never to copy or apply a recipe but to go beyond and create longer lasting concepts, locally tailored.

We can provide you with preliminary studies to make sure when the project starts we have shared enough experience for you to choose the most adapted way forward.



You need a master plan for every resort or leisure project you want to develop. It is the first step into any project, the backbone.


It sets the overall picture, translating an idea into a concept that will match and confirm all the preliminary studies and starting points that we have together settled on.

The project’s fundamental. It includes and touches on how the program can be organized on the chosen site, defines all routing (guests , staff, service), takes in account all local rules and limitations, links the projects’ story line to the site specifics, operational matters, environmental studies and sustainability principles, confirm investment budget). 

Master planning is an art: intuition and experience are irreplaceable, but a pragmatic art, always putting the guest experience as the first criteria!



Before we engage ourselves in the design process, we suggest that we define precisely what we want the design force to translate into a project.


It’s quite an essential step that we will lead for you, having access to the most adapted leisure experts to gather all the required information to orchestrate them together and create your own specific and unique product.

The Program Definition phase is essential, as it will fully explain to the project team from the overall ambition all the way to all the components required. It is better spending time at this early moment of the project so as to make sure we know what we want before we design it. It defines precisely all functions and how they interact, the dimensions of them

(m2, capacities…), the main specifications, operational criteria, cost target, among others.

We will assist you in the preliminary feasibility studies, which explore various scenarios (site selection, content, target groups, investment amounts, business case) that will enable you to confirm your business case before launching the project/development.



During this phase, as creative leaders, we define the project’s story line.

It’s the backbone that all details of the design phase will relate to. The story line serves as a common thread to design projects where all the components participate and are consistent.


A good concept starts with a good story. 

A story is the best way to create an emotional bond with our visitors and leave them with fond memories.

To stand out from the competition and create unique, memorable and
timeless places, so we need stories to tell.
In our studio,  we love beautiful stories, those that speak of nature & adventure, those that stimulate our imagination and remind us of childhood ... but especially those that bring good luck!


From the overall story line, we define the design guidelines for all components, the look & feel intentions.

These become the “reference” that all designers, architects, illustrators will adopt, defend and turn into a buildable project.

We call it the guest experience!

Marketing will participate actively to finalize the project identity. 



While we are refining the design guidelines, this phase starts with putting together the best design team, covering all disciplines from master planning, architecture, specialized engineering , interior and themed designs, graphics, lighting, special effects.

Then a good concept will be the result of constant creative coaching to push all ideas as far as possible.


Challenging the designers, the ideas, bringing new creative input, making sure the story line and overall scenario are fully applied.


There aren’t so many of us that do enjoy doing this as much as we do. We always go into depth and bring your project to the finish line!

We excel at this & in some say we are unique …



We are proud to also act as the project designers, and find the best concepts to translate your vision and your dreams. 


From early innovations & concept research, elaborating immersive environments, working ideas out to make them buildable, and all the way to guarding the concept throughout the execution phase,

you can count on us at every step!


We focus on creating what others don’t have as much expertise as we have: indoor green (real plants) environments/tropical landscapes, indoor water parks, themed environments, family entertainment centers.


And we can deliver turnkey projects, incorporating all disciplines, hassle free for you so that you can focus on approving them… you’ll be amazed!


Because all details are fundamental, we have also specialized in procuring those key items that will tell the story, create the atmosphere, become the photo spot, the # .


We have a network of theme builders but also craftsmen all over the world that can make anything we have designed, authentically (no fakes). Unique pieces, props, carvings, decoration, full immersive environments …

And don’t worry about the logistics, it’s part of the deal.


For example wood carvings or bamboo sculptures from Indonesia ?

We have set up a procurement process that will still enable us to deliver these ten times less expensive than if we sourced them locally…

For Artwork, this really counts !

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