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Theme parks 

Multiple locations


The Projects

Theme parks need to evolve, new attractions are built every year to incite guests to come back.

When creating or updating the master plan, we want to make sure that it keeps functioning, as every detail is important: how long the routing is, how visible is each attraction, which  shop & restaurant should be included, how are the queue lines handled, are there enough services and are they well spread out, where is he next evolution going to be.

But almost most important, is the story line still clear, and are the new sub stories making sense and reinforcing the park’s original theme?

Our Role 

Initial definition & programming studies, Creative  Direction & project management from concept to execution.

Reference Projects

Parc Astérix and other Grévin & Cie sites from 1994 to 2005

New Center Parcs resorts  2005 to 2020

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