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Multiple locations



After giving each theme park a vision on his future, done with the master planning studies, every year are implemented the new attractions that reinforce the concepts and makes them long lasting.


Every new attraction is inserted and tailored to its environment so as to create the best immersive guest experience. We first decide what are the target groups to entertain with the new attraction. This gives indications on what type of attraction (roller coaster, dark ride, live show, slide, tree house, etc.) is required. Afterwards it all starts with the storyline to define the environment, the emotions to trigger.

The manufacturer will quickly be approached and integrated in the project team as each attraction is custom made. Our method is to assemble the most adapted project team (writers, architects, theme designers, engineers, landscape designers, lighting and sound design, graphics, manufacturers and more) and creative lead them. The concept phase is always very intense, many ideas are explored and gradually matured to land the perfect one.

Finally, it’s working it out, into all details, and staying close to it so as no deviation occur during the execution phase. Props and artwork very often are the last touch and we will ensure you that these are found and affordable (as we have quite a network).

my Role 

As Project architect (WDI) or as Head of the Grévin Developpement department, i was lucky to contribute in creating state of the art attractions, which requires  a collaboration between several specialties; from initial definition & programming studies, prototype making, Creative  Direction & project management from concept to execution and handover.

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